Amy Penick

Amy Penick is a 2017 alum who now works in Ithaca; she works as an engineer to make biofuel from yogurt waste! She sings low alto in the Chamber Singers, but sometimes she switches parts with a tenor and sometimes Steve challenges her mezzo/soprano range :) She loves all the rep we do, but Steve Reich's "Proverb" (with the lovely Emily, Brigid, Jonathan, and Phillip) was her favorite piece with this group.

On her most memorable musical experience outside of Ithaca: "During a workshop at the Antigua International School, our choral director bestowed the experience of conducting our 100-voice ensemble upon a child of six or seven: said 'when you move your hands this way, they make sound, and this way, they will stop'. The child was bashful at first, but the very moment he realized the power he held in his very small hand was lucidly tangible to me -- that speaks volumes to music's ability to transcend barriers."